Prospective juror in Davis murder trial sent to jail

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A prospective juror in the murder trial of Robyn Davis and Carol Sissy Saltzman is now in jail for violating the court's order and talking about the case with other prospective jurors. 63-year-old Sharon Richard of Moss Bluff has been in jail for contempt of court since last night after another prospective juror told the court about what she did.

This morning Judge David Ritchie had stern words for jurors telling them to violate his orders could cause them to go to jail.

Ritchie told prospective jurors Richard is in jail right now because she knowingly defied the court's order.

The judge told the panel Richard's actions were shockingly unbelievable and selfish. He said she chose to do that and she's going to pay for it.

And Ritchie expressed frustration that now the court must waste time determining whether Richard's comments may have influenced other jurors.

Ritchie said he has to make sure prospective jurors weren't tainted by some rogue juror and that it's important they select a jury that can be fair to both sides.

Robyn Davis and Saltzman are on trial for allegedly murdering Brian Davis June 29, 2009. He was found shot to death next to his truck off Big Lake Road.

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