Jury selection underway in murder trial of Robyn Davis and Carol Saltzman

It's a case that seems to have all the makings of a John Grisham novel--and now the facts surrounding the murder of Brian Davis are soon to be revealed.  Jury selection is now underway.

On trial are two women-- Robyn Davis who was married to the victim and her close friend Carol Saltzman. They are both charged with second degree murder of Brian Davis and it won't be long before the state begins to reveal its case.

July 1, 2009, Brian Davis was found shot to death next to his truck off Big Lake Road. Davis had supposedly been trying to buy a boat--and his wife Robyn told investigators she last saw him on June 29th, but ultimately investigators would conclude Davis' wife Robyn and her close friend Carol Saltzman murdered the 39 year old man who worked for an insurance company.

Prosecutor Rick Bryant said earlier this year it's an unusual case because of its complexity and the fact that it's based entirely on circumstantial evidence, "Which is not like somebody saw it or somebody heard about it or you have DNA. And when you don't have those types of things in a case they're called circumstantial evidence cases and they're very rare, they're difficult cases."

Just the investigative phase of the case produced a massive record. But Bryant has been tight lipped with the details. According to court records Robyn Davis had a gambling addiction and was the beneficiary of a $645,000 life insurance policy-- back in February of last year defense attorneys for both women said they didn't commit a murder. Attorney Glen Vamvoras represents Robyn Davis.  "It's anybody's guess what happened to this man (Brian). The facts are certainly not clear. They're very, very, very disturbing facts and complicated fact but as regards to our clients, we did not commit the murder."

Saltzman attorney Shane Hinch said the same.  "The state has provided approximately 3000 pages worth of documents, 47 cd's and DVD's, none of which seem to provide any basis or motive that my client Carol Saltzman had any reason for wanting the victim dead."

And Vamvoras disputes that Robyn Davis has a gambling addiction. Both women have been out of jail on bond.

At last word court was about to recess and they were to resume at 8:45 in the morning.  It's hoped jury selection will be complete sometime Wednesday. The trial is expected to take a couple of weeks.

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