Bartie gets life in prison, plus 150 years and more

Jimmy Bartie gets life in prison, plus 150 years

It was a night of crime that included a kidnapping, a shooting, several robberies and car jackings triggered by intentional accidents all over town-. But now it appears Jimmy Bartie will never have a chance to hurt anybody again.

Judge Clayton Davis sentenced Bartie to life in prison for aggravated kidnapping, and tacked on a hundred fifty years--for three armed robberies.--plus he got fifty years for attempted first degree murder and two twenty year sentences for carjacking.

The man Bartie nearly killed was Chris Shakespeare who was shot when he tried to flee after Bartie and an accomplice rear ended his ford explorer. After the sentencing he said, "I was in the hospital for a month and a half, had nine surgeries, gotta walk with a cane now, lost my job, can't run with my kids. I mean, the hard thing of life is trying to learn to walk again. I wouldn't wish what I went through on my worst enemy."

He is pleased with the sentence, as are police and the district attorney.District Attorney John DeRosier said, "We will not tolerate that kind of behavior in Calcasieu Parish. And we will seek punitive measures, severe punitive measures against everybody involved in those kinds of scenarios."

Sgt. Jeff Keenum LCPD says, "They terrorized the community, for an evening that was the result of three or four car jackings, three or four armed robberies, the attempted murder."

After Bartie shot him, doctors told Chris Shakespeare he'd never walk again. He was in a wheelchair, back at a 2008 fundraiser, but the former kitchen manager is walking and keeping hold of his dream.  "I just can't do the job I used to do but my plan is to one day own my own restaurant. I still love cooking. I just can't do all the lifting, running around.

And he's happy to have some measure of justice as Bartie serves life in prison. You may recall Bartie had an accomplice.

Joshua Clark is serving time for car jacking and killing a man several months before his crime spree with Bartie. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter. In all, Clark is serving thirty years.

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