Volunteers urged to work on Millennium Park

The hammers are still, the drills are silent for now--but just for today and tomorrow. But not for long.

Those spear heading the park rebuild came out this morning-- they want to keep the momentum going as volunteer work days resume on Wednesday.

Volunteer work is on hold right now.  but Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach and city Administrator John Cardonne enjoy taking it all in-- what the community has accomplished so far. Says Roach, " It's an experience like no other. It's really incredible to see everybody participating and contributing and coming out and working together."

And just as so many did at the old park, and will with this one, they get personal satisfaction knowing they helped. The mayor helped build extensions that add height to the giant tree house. He laughs when asked, "So, you're really proud of yourself, aren't you Randy?"  But many of the volunteers are not people who are typically handy with tools.

Cardonne helped put in screens in the giant tree house, so parents can see their kids once inside the play structure. But there's lots of work still to do and they want everyone possible to come out and help especially on the three weekdays left...because they know most people will come on Saturday and Sunday. Says Architect Mark Leathers, "You know if you have an hour or two and you think it isn't going to make a difference, I promise it will. So, if you've got that kind of time, show up. And you can be part of this. It's a great opportunity."

And the mayor wants to clear something up kids-- they cannot open the park until all the concrete is covered with a rubbery play surface-- so. Explains Roach, "Past several days people have been asking, 'When can the kids come out, when can the kids start playing. And I get that question about every other hour and what we want to explain is you can't play on concrete. We can't play on concrete. We have to play on an approved, safety surface."

And the mayor urges patience because once they open the park they'll have to close it from time to time in order to add more attractions. They hope to get bids from contractors for the rubber surface over the next two to three weeks.

So, even though it may be a while before kids can play everyone can come out Sunday afternoon to see the rebuild hopefully completed by volunteers.  For more on the city's rebuilding program and volunteering click here.

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