Housing and Community fair Saturday at MLK Center

Buying your first home can be a challenge-- especially if you have bad credit. And it's even harder to get a home mortgage now. But Saturday, experts who can help will be all together in the same place offering their knowledge and advice.

The dream of owning your own home can be an uphill struggle during this time and economy. And depending on one's credit history, it can take hard work and discipline to achieve the results required to get a loan. That's why the group formerly ACORN, which is now a community voice, is putting on what they call a housing and community fair.

Attorney Mark Judson will be there to provide free legal advice. "What the people out here can help with is how to rehab a credit history, how to improve a credit history, how to correct a credit history and what we can also do on the legal side of it is we can help them prepare themselves to be as readily available as possible to approach a bank or a lending institution about a loan. For example, we can help them clear liens or old judgements."

The organizers say the fair will offer free information on affordable housing programs, fair housing laws, loan and mortgage programs job opportunities and more. President of A Community Voice, Any Roy, says they want to turn the crisis in home ownership around. "We're focusing on those people who are low income, those people who have been excluded out of the mainstream of economic development. Those people who are struggling right now to stay in their homes. Those people that want to purchase homes."

Roy says A Community Voice is a is a grassroots community organization for low to moderate income families that works for civil rights and social justice. "We have to get these loans to come into our low income community for our economic growth and financial stability. If we don't have any money coming in to the community the community's gonna die. Point blank, period."

The fair will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at the Martin Luther King Center at 2009 North Simmons near Fitzenrider Road. Doors will be open by 9:30 a.m.

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