City Links to Real-time Video of Millennium Park Rebuild

The following is a Press Release from the City of Lake Charles:

The City of Lake Charles is partnering with two local companies to provide real-time video of the Millennium Park rebuild by way of a link on the City's web site.

Interested viewers can go to the City's web site and click the Rebuilding Millennium Park logo, which will take them to a link called Real-time Video of Millennium Park Rebuild, located under the title, Updates.  Click the link and visitors will be taken to an outside web page showing live snapshots of the Millennium Park worksite.  The video snapshots are taken every 10 seconds.

The technology is provided courtesy of two local firms, Sylvan Special Systems, Inc., and Kinetic IT Solutions, LLC.

The video will be active throughout the community-build period, beginning today, October 26, to the end of the rebuild.