Chef John Folse to cook for LSU and Alabama game

Chef John Folse is cooking a record setting gumbo at the LSU and Alabama game in one week.

Chef Folse is well known in the Lake Charles area for the annual fundraiser he takes part in at our Lady Queen of Heaven School.

Chef Folse is taking his tasty talents in the kitchen on the road to Tuscaloosa for a little friendly competition between LSU and Alabama tailgaters.

This 300-year-old cast iron kettle will take center stage for a cook-off between the tigers and the tide.

Folse says it's the perfect opportunity to spice up an industry hit hard by deepwater horizon oil disaster.

"This gives us an opportunity to bring over a ton of fresh Gulf seafood to Alabama and feed the wonderful fans and showcase our quality of seafood," Chef John Folse said.

The goal is to set a Guinness World Record with 3,900 pounds of gumbo.

"That's the top volume of that kettle. So, once I get to the top of the kettle it's two tons, a lot of gumbo and we will be stirring for a couple of hours," Folse said.

Restaurant owner, and former Alabama football star Bob Baumhower will join Chef Folse as a judge in the big bout, which will include four tailgate teams from each side.

"We're supplying all the seafood, stoves, everything to cook. All they have to do is show up with their tickets to the game.

Five bucks will get fans a taste of Guinness gumbo. The champion will walk away with a nice trophy, but the real winners will be the victims of the catastrophic tornado that slammed Tuscaloosa last spring.

It's a fund raiser that'll warm your heart; you've got the chef's seal of approval

"It's gonna be a fun day for all, November 5th. I guarantee you" Folse said.

The game between number one LSU and number two Alabama takes place on November 5th in Tuscaloosa.

It's the first regular season match-up between the two top teams in the country since 2006.

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