Residents say they're unhappy with Merryville's current mayor

MERRYVILLE, LA (KPLC) - Merryville Mayor Teresa Havens lose the mayoral election Saturday night to her uncle, Larry Carroll. Now in her final week as mayor of the small town, Havens is dismissing two town employees that Carroll said have done nothing wrong.

"There have been policies and procedures that haven't been followed," Havens said about the two town employees.

But Carroll said even though the employees will be released from their positions, he'll rehire them once he takes office as mayor.

"We can't stop them from terminating these people. They've made up their minds already," Carroll said. "But I tell the employees, once I'm in office I'm going to bring these employees back."

This is only a piece to a puzzle of controversies in Merryville. Carroll was arrested earlier this year for assaulting another councilmember. He pleaded no contest, was charged a $1,000 fine and assigned one year of supervised probation starting back in July.

As for Havens, she's still the current mayor and says there's more to the issues at hand.

"They're judging me basing it on something they don't know," Havens said.

But Carroll said these personnel changes are strictly political.

"There's no apparent reason other than politics," he said.

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