Family of murder victim Brandon Dicks speaks out

June 14 was the one year anniversary since Brandon Dicks was shot to death at a mobile home park on Avenue D at Chennault.

One man, Carlos Manor, is set for trial for second degree murder in January.  But family members feel there are others who should be held accountable and are speaking out--appealing to witnesses to come forward and tell the truth. We met with family members at Brandon Dicks' grave.

"Oh Lord! A nightmare! Somebody please help!," cries Georgiana Ross, Brandon Dicks' grandmother.  Dicks was only 22 years old when he was shot to death outside his cousin's mobile home at Chennault. Ross comes to the graveyard and bares her soul. She says sobbing, "Oh Jesus I beg you. Send help so whoever was all involved in it serves justice for my grandson. He didn't have to die this young."

Dicks' family members come here and pray. Though one man is in jail awaiting trial for murder, they say there's more to it and ask for witnesses to come forward and for the family to be left alone. Says Joyce Spillman, Brandon's mother, " I was being threatened to be killed in the courthouse. I was there for trial and being threatened. Came out the courtroom and told me that they should kill my big fat..."

They say a key witness for the prosecution, who changed his story, did so because of threats. Brice Joseph is Brandon's cousin. "The eyewitness has been beaten and threatened, his family, I would back out of the murder too. I would say I don't know nothing. I'm too scared of getting beaten, this that and the police not doing nothing to help."

Brandon's cousin, Stephenie Bellard,  says she believes she was the intended target of the shooter that night because of an ongoing domestic dispute and retaliation because she had called police two days before. "I woke up to gunshots and I dialed 911. And I practically blame myself because maybe if I would have looked out the window I would have saw. But, at the time, I was scared and my house had almost got burnt like two days before."

She says and that there could have been more dead...but for now the family asks for justice and an end to torment brought on especially on face book. Says Georgiana, "They're hurting us all over again, making threats and everything. Please just stop!"

Carlos Manor is set for trial in the murder of Brandon Dicks on January 23rd

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