Wild Hogs destroying property in Calcasieu Parish

MOSS BLUFF, LA (KPLC) - Moss Bluff residents are talking about seeing an increase of damage to their home landscapes due to feral hog activity. These feral hogs are tearing up backyards and causing thousands of dollars in damages.

Landowners have called the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to get assistance. And in other cases, the Sheriff's department would be the appropriate place to start looking for help in getting rid of these big pests.  Getting rid of the pests yourself, requires a call into the Sheriff's department. They would have the current rules and laws in getting rid of the hogs.

Leonard 'Doc' Hanks is a local hog trapper who has more than ten years experience trapping hogs. Hanks originally set out to hunt deer but hogs were getting in the way. Hogs were scaring the deer away. Hanks switched gears and began trapping hogs.

Doc says he is often asked what he does with the hog once it has been trapped. "I take them and feed other people", says Hanks.

Due to laws and regulations, wild game is not sold as food. Hanks has a friend that butchers the meat he traps. He gives the prepared meat to people in need or to people who request it.