Allen Parish's new Sheriff Doug Hebert

ALLEN PARISH, LA (KPLC) - In Allen Parish, Doug Hebert wins Allen Parish Sheriff outright with 58.49%.  The unofficial tally of votes, per Louisiana Secretary of State website, Doug Hebert received 4,251 votes to defeat incumbent Sheriff Harold Brady, who had 3,017 votes.

Hebert sat down with KPLC to discuss his plans over the next four years of his elected position.


Why did you feel the need to run for Sheriff of Allen Parish?

"I don't want to get into blaming others because that's not productive in any way. We want to bring fresh ideas. We are going to bring some technology, some efficiency to the department and also some accountability. Demand people to be of the highest character and make a difference."

What are your qualifications?

"I started off in the Sheriff's office a long time ago. Worked there a couple of years and then went to Louisiana State Police. Over time I went into detectives with the Bureau of Investigations for LSP. Worked my way up to Sergeant for the Troop D area and the last four years I've been the Chief of Police for the Coushatta Tribe."

What would you like to accomplish while in office?

"Certainly going to get a jail built. We are going to have those officers, both men and women, be professional, caring, problem solvers. And we want to set the mark of what can be done when you get pass the talk and the smoke and be able to look people in the eyes and say we truly care about you and your families. We want you to know we are going to make a difference for you."

Is there a jail now?

"Yes, but it houses about 42 people and it needs to be larger. Right now, if someone is arrested, typically if it is of a real serious nature, they will try to make room and/or they will send that person to another facility to another part of the state. That parish will then charge about $25/day per person. That has been a tremendous expense on the police jury."

What is your plan to make the jail happen?

"There exists now a three million dollar plus in the Sheriff's office that was donated over time... with the last few years, Coushatta Tribe. There was a loan that was paid USDA several years ago that recently they returned because of lack of progress but I think we can get that back. In the end it's just going to take the men and women of Allen Parish, the Sheriff, the District Attorney, the Police Jury... to get pass the differences and get it done because we have to get it done"

Any timeframe?

"I know enough to know you can't put a certain date on it. And I don't have all the information needed. But as soon as possible when I take office July 1, 2012."

How long have you lived in Allen Parish?

"I've been living in Allen Parish since I was in the 2nd Grade. And since graduating from McNeese State University, I've been in law enforcement. It's what I am and who I am."

Anything else you want people to know about Doug Hebert and his newly elected office?

"Thank you. Thank you for believing in me and we are going to work hard to prove that I deserve that trust."