Dardenne beats out Nungesser for Lt. Governor post

BATON ROUGE, LA. (AP) - Republican Jay Dardenne is keeping his job as lieutenant governor, after winning a hard-fought and bitter campaign against GOP candidate Billy Nungesser.

Dardenne survived a slew of attacks by Nungesser leading into Saturday's election, to hold onto the number two job in state government. Dardenne has held the post since winning a special election last year.

Nungesser, president of Plaquemines Parish, is best known for becoming the face of frustration about the federal government's response to last year's massive Gulf Coast oil spill.

Dardenne is a former state senator and former secretary of state from Baton Rouge. Besides being second in line to the governor, Louisiana's lieutenant governor oversees the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism and acts as Louisiana's tourism ambassador.