Memorial walk warns of dangers of DWI

Trey & Sandee Killian
Trey & Sandee Killian

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Sandee Killian will tell you the dangers of drinking and driving can touch any family. For Sandee it was September 26, 2010. Her son 23-year-old James "Trey" Killian was killed after riding home from a friend's wedding.

"The driver of his vehicle was his designated driver, but he had been drinking. My son was ejected from the vehicle and thrown on to the Interstate and died as a result of his injuries," explained Sandee.

While her son didn't make it home, Sandee has organized a memorial walk in his name to raise awareness and hopefully prevent another family from experiencing the same tragedy.

"The worst pain a parent can ever feel is losing a child. You can lose a spouse, you can lose a parent, but when you lose your child it's like your heart has literally been ripped from your chest," said Sandee.

A big step for Sandee was joining Mother's Against Drunk Driving. Members of the Southwest Louisiana chapter were on hand for support.

"It just makes you feel better to know you have others who feel the same way you do. When you have this tragedy happen to your family - it's like a part of you is missing and you bond with other people who have had the same loss. It helps," said Barbara Dartez, MAAD SWLA.

As they walk to remember Sandee hopes her story will help others make the decision to drive safely and save lives.

"Get a designated driver and before you get in that car if you are not sure that designated driver is 100% sober and able to drive you home - you call somebody, anybody. You call your parents, your friends. I guarantee they would much rather you call them at three in the morning for them to come pick you up than to get a call at the hospital at 3 a.m. To come and identify you on the bed somewhere," said Sandee.

All proceeds raised will go to a scholarship in Trey Killian's name. Organizers also say they plan on making this an annual event.

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