Dad recovers from stroke to walk daughter down for homecoming court

LAKE ARTHUR, LA (KPLC) - A Lake Arthur man walks his daughter down the football field at Lake Arthur High School on Friday, October 21, something his family thought he would never get to do.

Edwin Woods, 48, suffered a brain stem stroke in May.

"My husband was 48 years old, healthy man, athlete, running here at this track," wife Meredith Woods said. She never thought something like a stroke would happen to her husband.

Brain stem strokes occur on the part of the brain that controls breathing, heart rate and speech. This type of stroke can be life threatening or leave the victim completely paralyzed except for movement in the eyes.

"We were told there's not much we could do," Meredith said.

And after being transported from a hospital in Lake Charles to a hospital in Houston, things were looking up for the Woods family.

"They saved his life, put the stint in and it was a long process. He stayed there for three months," she said.

Edwin goes to physical therapy three times a week. Meredith says Edwin was excited to walk his daughter down the 50-yard line for homecoming court and to show his friends his recovery progress.

"He never thought he'd be here, you know, three months ago he didn't think he'd be here," his wife said.

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