Police conduct underage alcohol possession operation

The following is a Press Release from the Lafayette Police Department:

On October 20, 2011, Lafayette Police conducted an underage alcohol possession operation targeting those individuals under the age of 21 in possession of alcohol at businesses within the City of Lafayette.  A total of 11 locations were checked during the operation.  Of the 11 locations, 12 persons under the age of 21 were found in possession of alcohol. One person was cited for purchasing alcohol on behalf of a person under 21.  Below is a list of the locations checked and the violations issued at those locations:

Locations checked with persons found in violation:

1. City Bar, 324 Jefferson St. - 6 Summons for Underage Alcohol Possession

2. Nitetown, 524 Jefferson St. - 5 Summons for Underage Alcohol Possession

3. Daiquiris Supreme, 4680 Johnston St. - 1 Summons for Underage Alcohol Possession,

1 Summons for Purchase of Alcohol on behalf of a Person Under 21.

Locations checked with no violations found:

1. Frankie Burger, 427 Jefferson St.

2. Marley's, 407 Jefferson St.

3. The Office, 307 Jefferson St.

4. Legends, 413 Jefferson St.

5. The Bulldog, 429 General Mouton.

6. Outlaws, 4607 Johnston St.

7. Crooked Nickle, 2002 Johnston St.

8. Bootleggers, 522 Jefferson St.