Morgan sentenced to life in prison

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Jason Morgan has been sentenced to life in prison for the second degree murder of Roy Wyatt.

Even though the life sentence is mandatory, Morgan's attorney Ted Hartman took the opportunity to address the court and said he didn't think the jury did its job as shown by how fast they came back with a guilty verdict--which he says means they didn't thoroughly examine the evidence   And Hartman says it was a jury of mostly white republicans who couldn't relate to Jason Morgan's world. Hartman says it's hard for poor blacks to get a fair trial.

Morgan himself also addressed the court and said it wasn't him but his brother who committed the murder.

However in sentencing Morgan Judge David Ritchie pointed out Hartman helped pick the jury, that there were African Americans on the jury and that there are not different standards of  right and wrong for jurors' world and Jason Morgan's world.

Darren Morgan, Jason Morgan's brother, is scheduled for trial on Obstruction of Justice and Accessory after the Fact to Second Degree Murder.

KPLC's Theresa Schmidt has been following the trial, and will bring you more on this on later editions of 7News.

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