Social Security increase to take effect Jan. 2012

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - For the first time in two years, a cost of living increase will be made to social security benefits.

Local seniors say they've been waiting a while for the increase that will add about $40 to their monthly checks, and average about $467 a year.

The increase will take effect in January of 2012.

"We deserve it," Juanita Babineaux of Lake Charles said. "We need it. We've needed it for a long time."

Babineaux said she works but still relies on her social security check.

"We were not getting enough, especially with small supplements," she said.

Barbara Rumery of Vinton said she was surprised when she heard about the increase because she thought an increase to Social Security would never happen again.

"I think that we probably should have had increases all along to keep up with the cost in living," Rumery said.

While an increase in benefits may be a good thing, seniors may find themselves paying more for Medicare. The Medicare Part-B Premium increase won't be announced until November, but is expected to average close to $10 more per month.

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