Victim predicts alleged kidnapper will "finish the job" if released from jail

The woman kidnapped last Friday and her father are speaking out-- fearful that her estranged husband will bond out of jail and finish what they believe he started. They think William Paul Morgan should be held without bond.

Thirty six year old Loren Morgan was kidnapped and held at gunpoint for seven hours allegedly by her estranged husband, William Paul Morgan. It had all the makings of a murder suicide.  Says Loren, "He was armed for the seven and a half hours that I was in the car. There are a lot of specifics that I can't get into but armed...and I wasn't going to return."

They have nothing to say but nice things about police-- her father, Cecil Heflin, is so grateful his daughter, who is five months pregnant, is alive. "There was no way anybody thought we would see her alive again. We went through a whole lot."

They are outraged that Judge Wilford Carter first set Morgan's bond at $40,000, at the urging of detectives, upped it to $65,000. Said Loren, "I feel that Judge Wilford Carter put a $65,000 price tag on my life as well as my unborn child. I think if he gets out he will finish what he started."

And after complaints bond is now at $100,000. But they feel Paul Morgan should be held without bond. Said Heflin, "I am livid about our judicial system. It is a travesty. He does not need to be out on bond at all. He needs to be where she is safe. She is not safe as long as he is walking the road. I don't care if they said he can go to Texas. What's keeping him from coming back here. He didn't finish his job and we're very, very concerned that he will come back and try and do it."

Loren's attorney Jenifer Cummings agrees  "There was already a restraining order in place that he walked right through when he took Loren. We did not know if we were going to see Loren alive again. It is very likely that he could get out and then everybody is in danger again."

She's trying to get Morgan's bond on a felony theft in Texas revoked to keep him in jail, if not here, in Texas...if he does get out Loren says she and her children will hide. Basically you're in a self witness protection program. You have to stay hidden where he's not going to know where you're at and hope that he doesn't find you.

Judge Wilford Carter is expected to issue an order requiring Paul Morgan to stay away from Loren as a condition of his release.

We'll be following up on that tomorrow. At last word, Paul Morgan was still in jail.

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