Kidnap victim and father outraged over suspect's bond

It was a horrible ordeal for a pregnant woman kidnapped by her estranged husband on Friday-- but now Loren Morgan is talking and the 36 year old considers herself lucky to be alive after being kidnapped and held at gunpoint for seven hours.

She says it was terrifying. "The fear is unexplainable Until you are in that situation you just can't explain it. Your body's numb. You have no feeling and you're praying to God to take you through this whole situation. You're hoping that God is with you there, which he is, to guide you through these situations because there's no one to turn to." Reporter: Did you think you were going to come through it alive? Says Loren, "I did not. I did not."

She and her father Cecil Heflin are outraged that bond set for William Paul Morgan is low enough that he's expected to be able to bond out. "I am livid about our judicial system. I think it's a travesty that, what she went through, a $40,000 bond was put up. And then, through our great judge, his infinite wisdom, would raise it up to $65,000 and think that's good."

Judge Wilford Carter has raised it from $40,000 to $65,000 and now to $100,000. But they say it's not enough to keep Loren safe. "He does not need to be out on bond at all. He needs to be where she is safe. She is not safe as long as he is walking the road. I don't care if they said he can go to Texas. What's keeping him from coming back here. He didn't finish his job and we're very, very concerned that he will come back and try and do it."

Loren's attorney is Jenifer Cummings. She says he also has charges in Texas where they are trying to get his bond revoked. "In Texas he is currently out on bond for felony theft and I believe the police department there and the courthouse, the DA's office in particular, is working to revoke that bond. So, hopefully he will go from one jail to another and then we know that Loren will be protected."

At last word Paul Morgan remained in jail. Loren is on indefinite leave from her work because of the situation.

We will have more of our interview with Loren, her father and attorney tonight on night cast...and also hope to reach Judge Wilford Carter to see if he has a comment.

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