Chennault's new million dollar crash truck, SCBA recharging station

The Chennault International Airport Authority officials are happy to announce the purchase and use of their 1.3 million dollar Stryker 3000 crash truck with snozzle attachment; a PAST (Penetration Aircraft Skin Trainer); and SCBA recharging station (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus).

Deputy Director, Anthony Ware says, "The snoozle on the Stryker gives the ability of using just one person to extinguish a fire aboard an aircraft from within the cabin of the truck. And the self-sufficiency of having a SCBA recharging station allows the team to fill and refill their SCBA bottles without having to send the empty bottles elsewhere. The latter saves the airport $20,000 per year and allows for all of our men to never end with training exercises. We can now help out other agencies if necessary."

Director of Operations, Cortez Gallien along with both Chennault's Assistant Chief and Fire Chief held demonstrations for KPLC. The Assistant Chief showed how the snoozle works by using its pointed tip to pierce the skin of the PAST and how agent can be disbursed to extinguish a fire. The use of colored cameras and infrared cameras are also on board.

The truck can hold 3000 gallons of water; 420-450lbs of 3% foam; and 420-450lbs PPK dry chemical. The agent dispensed depends on the type of fire being fought.

Chennault International Airport Authority is a general aviation part 139 unscheduled airport.

These projects are funded by the Federal Aviation Administration and/or the state DOTD aviation office.

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