Grand Opening of Cameron Prairie Boardwalk

In honor of National Wildlife Refuge Week, the Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge celebrated the grand opening of the half-mile prairie boardwalk loop on Pintail Wildlife Drive.

The boardwalk gives visitors an opportunity to enjoy the wildlife and nature that SWLA has to offer, and by bringing in more tourists to the area.

Visitor Service Manager for the SWLA Refuge Complex Diane Borden-Billiot said refuges like the Cameron Prairie preserves the land and wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

"An attraction like this is set aside just for people to enjoy nature," Borden-Billiot said. "It's a place that national wildlife refuges in themselves are an area that preserves a special place for wildlife first and then we get to enjoy it."

By opening the boardwalk, chairperson of the Cameron Parish Tourism Commission Captain Sammie Faulk said the traffic in the area has increased, and the refuge is just another place to attract more people.

"There's a tremendous amount of birders and outdoor enthusiasts, and hikers and everything else," Faulk said. "This is going to be really nice for them."

Faulk said many people don't take advantage of the nature trails in the area.

"It's surprising they don't really know what we have...all the beauty that we have in our area," Faulk said.

Along with the boardwalk, visitors can also drive their cars along the car path to explore more of the wildlife refuge.

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