Embracing the French heritage in SWLA

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Great Acadian Awakening –an event to celebrate and learn about the French culture in Louisiana.

The event took place at the Civic Center in Lake Charles on Tuesday, October 11. People from all across South Louisiana participated in the event, even visitors from Canada traveled to celebrate the French heritage that is so strong in Louisiana.

Convention and Visitor's Bureau of SWLA Communications Manager Angie Manning-Istre said the idea behind the Great Acadian Awakening is for everyone to remember where they came from.

"That thread of connection along South Louisiana, not just Southwest Louisiana, that we all share the same culture and heritage," Manning-Istre said.

Manning-Istre speaks French but pressed the importance of immersion programs.

"Now-a-days the kids who are in immersion programs have more of an opportunity to learn the language as a real second language," she said.

With an event like the Great Acadian Awakening, participants were able to learn French and speak it with other people, dance, listen to Cajun music and trace back their genealogy.

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