Lake Charles residents joining "Occupy" movement

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It may have started on Wall Street, but the "Occupy New York" movement is making its way to Lake Charles. The group Occupy Lake Charles has an awareness walk planned for Saturday, October 15th. Ahead of that walk, organizers were busy Monday afternoon putting their messages on signs.

The group is taking issue with a number of issues including government spending, unemployment and the war - just to name a few. From lawmakers to the public at large they want them all to take notice as they stage their event on Ryan Street.

"I hope they realize this is something going wrong in this country that is seriously wrong and needs to change," said Daniel Hollenbeck.

"The more of us that stand up in a peaceful manner and say I've got a job, I'm a citizen and I have concerns - it starts the conversation on what the issues are," said Jennifer Blackwelder. "This is democracy at work. It's a real sense of community."

The grassroots campaign is gaining steam through social media. Diana LaRussa just found out about it on the "Occupy Lake Charles" Facebook page Monday morning.

"I thought I need to be there. I want to take a stand and I am new here. I've only been here for three years and I see there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed and talked about and I just haven't been involved in it because it's all transparent," said LaRussa.

While they invite everyone to come out and join the conversation Saturday they hope it continues long after.

"It's a good start for now. You hear about the movement going to Atlanta and Austin. It seems Lake Charles is always in the middle an nothing ever erupts here. It's about time we have an eruption," said LaRussa.

The awareness walk is Saturday, October 15th from noon until 3 p.m. on Ryan Street at Alamo on the Books-A-Millon side.

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