Shelter pup gets new "doggie-do"

A shelter dog rescued from the street got a new look and a confidence boost. It is written all over little Cooper's face and in his matted fur. He has had a hard life.

"Aw poor baby! He was dirty and matted and just oily and awful," said Leslie Hammond, groomer at Petco.

"People look at him and say oh too dirty  too much work um but really they don't see just how fabulous that dog can be," said Sheila Gilley, with the Four Paws Society.

With the help of Petco's grooming department, Four Paws Society is giving Cooper a doggie makeover. Hammond shaved the matted fur, clipped his nails and cleaned his ears. Then it was off to the bath tub for a good scrub down. She even went for a second round of shampoo just to get all the dirt and grime off the little guy.

"the first didn't quite didn't quite get it," said Hammond.

Cooper kept calm the entire grooming process with only one escape attempt in the bath.

"Very calm..shaken a little bit, but he's had a long  journey to get to where he is right now," explained Hammond.

"I mean you can tell he's a lot more white than the yellow that he was whenever he came in," said Hammond.

"A groom job can make the dog feel a little bit better and more confident about their self and also draw that adopter," said Gilley.

Cooper is one of a few dogs at Four Paws that is getting the star treatment. Gilley said the organization cannot afford to give each dog a professional grooming. "That's why we're always begging for volunteers and donations," continued Gilley.

Hammond says Cooper is a hugger and will make a great lap dog especially with his new "doggie-do."

To adopt Cooper call (337) 488-3478 or call (337) 287-3552 to see what other dogs are available for adoption.

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