CPSB approves new discipline policies

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - The Calcasieu Parish School Board voted in approval of the changes made to school disciplinary policies. The changes will help eliminate disruptions in the classroom, making for a safer learning environment for students and teachers.

School board member Billy Breaux said the board wanted to make the system better because the discipline policies before weren't following state law.

"If you're going to allow a teacher to be able to teach 100-percent of the time in the classroom, the quality of the education is going to be that much better as opposed to the teacher spending 50-percent of their time disciplining one-percent of the students and that's just not right," Breaux said.

The changes were presented in "levels." Level one and two consisting of minor acts of misbehavior with levels three and four containing acts that can get the student suspended or expelled.

Retaliation against school employees, possessing or using nonprescription substances, fighting or gang related activity are some of the infractions classified as level three.

Level four is the highest level and it consists of offenses such as assault of a faculty member, public indecency or exposure, sexual acts on school property or continuous sexual harassment.

"If you want to make the system better you've got to have the teacher in a safe environment," Breaux said. "All they want to do is to be able to teach in a good safe environment."

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