Market study suggests need for Lakefront hotel

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - On any given day the Lake Charles Lakefront and Civic Center play host to a variety guests and soon those guests may be able to stay overnight. Based on a new market study there's a need for a lakefront hotel.

"We feel it's a very favorable report about the size of the hotel and the feasibility to a hotel connected directly near our Civic Center or directly connected to the building," said Lori Marinovich, Lake Charles Downtown Development Director.

Marinovich said the study suggests the hotel would have an average of 150 rooms and having it connected to the Civic Center would open a lot of doors for Lake Charles.

"We'll be able to do more with what we do at the Civic Center as far as attracting new type of uses such as regional conferences. The report has been very positive about the size of the hotel and the type of brand and amount of service," said Marinovich.

The final draft of the study should be out some time next week. According to Marinovich they're already in talks with two hotel developers. Both Intermountain and the HRI Firm are interested in developing on the lakefront. As for a timeline for when people can start checking in?

"We like to give dates but we really don't have a nailed down time period as you know this is going to have to be a city council decision. And it will have to go through due process with the council. I think we have two very strong candidates and either one should be able to work through the negotiation process with the city," said Marinovich.

In terms of where a new hotel would be possibly be built. Marinovich said they've already started to look at the functionality of the Civic Center in relation to the lake. She said it would most likely be up to the developer on where the best fit would be. However, the city does plan to keep the view from the center part of the Civic Center unobstructed.

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