Nungesser responds to campaign attacks

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Country singer Sammy Kershaw was working the stage Sunday at the Civic Center Amphitheater as Lt. Governor candidate Billy Nungesser worked the crowd. Nungesser hopes voters will give him a victory ticket when they go to the polls October 22nd. He said the next three weeks are crucial in his campaign.

"It's the future of Louisiana. It's about real change or about the same old thing," said Nungesser. "We need people to go the polls if they want change. If good people don't get out and vote bad people get elected."

Nungesser is on the defense after his opponent Jay Dardenne took several shots at his absence at a recent meeting. According to Nungesser the facts were twisted and he called Dardenne a career politician.

"He's a liar. 71% of people in Plaquemines Parish re-elected me. If you want a job in Plaquemines you get a job. We have a $17,000,000 surplus those numbers don't lie. You can twist and turn anything you want it is unfortunate that 30 years in politics and he's resulted to attacking me. Let's talk about what he's done in 30 years. Where was Jay Dardenne when four hurricanes hit the state including my parish. Did you see him on TV? And during the BP oil spill,' said Nungesser.

Nungesser recently found an ally in Kershaw, who was a two-time candidate for Lt. Governor.

"I was the guy. And Billy when I watched him last year while I was campaigning - I was watching him on TV taking up for Louisiana and the seafood industry during the BP oil spill and I saw the passion this guy had and I said man this guy is just like me," said Kershaw.

For now Nungesser is focused on his campaign and said he's trying to ignore what he calls negative ads put out by Dardenne's camp.

"30 years in office and he can only produce negative commercials about me. It's a sad day for Mr. Jay Dardenne. It's sad. I feel sorry for him," said Nungesser.

Early voting for the October 22nd election begins next Saturday, October 8th through Saturday, October 15th.