Louisiana cattle ranchers benefiting from Texas drought

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The drought in Texas has cattle ranchers depopulating their cattle herds, giving Louisiana cattle ranchers inexpensive opportunities to purchase cattle.

Tom Shields of the McNeese State University Agriculture Department said a lot of the cattle is coming from the area close to Bastrop where the wildfire occurred.

"A lot of those people have had to get rid of cattle or depopulate because of the drought," Shields said. "So those cattle have to go somewhere where there is a potential for them to survive through the winter time."

By liquidating the herds, the cost to purchase a cow is cheaper because of where they came from—a drought-stricken area.

Shields said because of the drought grass for grazing hasn't been able to grow. Ranchers haven't been able to harvest hay for the winter months.

"If they're looking at the potential of being dry and short on feed stuff now, and no potential for future feed stuffs come winter-time, might as well liquidate or depopulate at this time," he said.

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