Murder suspect shot by police

Timothy Aaron Dangerfield
Timothy Aaron Dangerfield

A 22 year old woman is dead and the man who allegedly killed her hospitalized in critical condition after police say they had to shoot him to disarm him. Police became involved when they got a call of shots fired on Tulip street.  "Police were called to Tulip Street after a report of shots fired. There they found thirty year old Timothy Dangerfield who had allegedly fired shots at family members and refusing to drop his weapon. Said Lake Charles Police Chief Don Dixon, "He threatened the officers with a weapon, with a gun and officers instructed him to drop it but he would not comply and officers engaged a weapon and struck Mr. Dangerfield several times. Despite being shot he went onto the ground. He was on his belly, would not show his hands, Another officer came up, one of our SWAT officers who was on a separate detail had to TAZE him and even then as he rolled over he was still in possession of knives and a handgun."

Dixon says two officers fired shots in order to force Dangerfield to stop. "Mr. Dangerfield has been hospitalized. He has multiple injuries including self inflicted injuries which were very, very serious. At this point in time we believe he is going to survive. There were two officers involved in the shooting. He was hit multiple times basically in the stomach area, lower torso. Reporter: You know how many shots were fired? Dixon: I'd rather not say at this time."

Meanwhile, police learned Dangerfield's rampage allegedly started at 2709 General Patton Street. Inside the residence there,  they found the body of 22 year old Shacerista Jones who suffered multiple injuries.  Said Dixon, "Including blunt trauma, a sharp cutting edge, and a hand gun."  An autopsy will determine which injury caused the young woman's death.

So far,  no information yet on what may have triggered the violence. Residents here on Tulip Street say it's a quiet, peaceful and safe neighborhood and they are shocked about what happened. Says resident Mo Johnson, who lives down from where Dangerfield was hot.  "The world is getting rougher. The world today just actually needs more kinder people loving each other."

At last word, Dangerfield was booked for murder with other charges expected to follow. His bond is set at one million dollars. At last word, Dangerfield remained in the hospital.  Chief Dixon called in state police to do an independent investigation of his officers shooting of the suspect.

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The following is a Press Release from Lake Charles Police Department:

On Thursday, September 29, 2011 at approximately 10:11 p.m., Lake Charles Police Department received a call at 2114 Tulip Street in reference to a disturbance with shots fired.  Caller advised that the suspect, later identified as Timothy Aaron Dangerfield, had a loaded gun and had fired the weapon at family members at the location.

Upon Officers' arrival, they located Dangerfield walking west on Tulip Street. As Officers approached Dangerfield, he threatened them with the handgun.  Officers immediately began instructing Dangerfield to put the weapon down.  Dangerfield refused to comply and continued to threaten Officers with the weapon. Officers were left no choice but to defend themselves.  Dangerfield was struck multiple times causing injuries and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

During the investigation, Officers learned that Dangerfield had also physically attacked his sister and mother as well as four people passing by in a vehicle.

Officers were later informed by a family member that there may possibly be a deceased person at a relative's residence on General Patton Street. Upon investigating this suspicious circumstance, Officers located a deceased female inside the residence at 2709 General Patton Street.

The ensuing investigation revealed that Dangerfield was the suspect in this death as well as the early complaints.

The Police Department is continuing the investigation into these crimes with the exception of the Officer involved shooting which is being investigated by the Louisiana State Police.

At this time, Detectives have obtained a warrant for 2nd degree Murder with a bond of one million dollars signed by Judge Canaday, of Louisiana's 14th Judicial Court, as well as a warrant for 5 counts of Attempted 2nd degree Murder, Aggravated Battery and Simple Battery.