Soybeans: Louisiana farmers harvesting, prices strong

Soileau, Louisiana - This year, Louisiana soybean farmers are expecting to cash in big when it comes to harvesting their crops.  Area farmers are starting their final stages of soybean harvesting.

Dr. David Kee, Agronomist with McNeese State University, says for the past two years soybeans have averaged more than $9/bushel. Kee says that historically bushels were averaging about $6. And now, Kee says soybean bushels hover around the $12.50/bushel mark.

Out in Soileau, Louisiana in Allen Parish, farmer and rancher Bill Fuller says he had help with a center pivot irrigation system when it came to watering down his soybean acreage. Naturally, irrigation systems have higher yields than those without.

The soybean is a species of legume which has numerous uses. The soybean is both fat-free and low-cost for both animal feed and human consumption.  But the good news here, weather concerns and strong supply and demand have led to "historically high prices".

And here's an additional tidbit of information for soybean lovers, did you know that thanks to George Washington Carver the soybean became popular here as a source of food for humans. Carver also developed many other uses for the soybean. Before Carver's research, (outside of using the soybean as an alternative for coffee beans) soybeans were mainly used as animal feed.