Briscoe Center now operated by Cenikor

The Cenikor Foundation is now running the Briscoe Center-- a treatment facility for those with substance abuse problems.

Substance Abuse causes all kinds of problems in our area. So it was a step back when last year the Briscoe Treatment Center was practically shut down.

It seemed as though Briscoe's future was bleak with State budget cuts and last December all the employees were let go. But now it's been privatized and is the Cenikor Joseph Briscoe Treatment Facility:

Recovering drug addict and alcoholic David Fisher hit rock bottom several years back. "The bottom for me was two dwi's. My ex-fiance left me with my two kids and went three states away. The court system brought me here."

He's well familiar with classrooms at the Briscoe Treatment Center at Chennault where court ordered treatment taught him to deal with life's problems without masking the pain with drugs or alcohol.  "I got my values back. I got my spirituality back. I got my feelings back. I got my feelings back. That's what I was trying to suppress for all those years, were my feelings. I didn't want to feel nothing."

With budget cuts, the formerly state facility was all but shut down last year until efforts to privatize it succeeded. It's now being operated by Cenikor Foundation. Sheryl Johnson is the facility director.  "Cenikor Foundation which is a large non profit out of Houston won the competitive bid for the services here, so we're now operated by Cenikor."

Cenikor's slogan is "A place for change." Outreach director Stacy Arceneaux, who assesses many in jail, says they are truly saving live and families.  "It's not just about the person in the facility. It's a family disease and affects multitudes so when you help that one individual it spiders out and you're helping an entire family."

It's been a hard road for David after losing nearly everything that mattered but he's working the future. "My hope for the future is not necessarily to get my kids back but to have them in my life because now they're like three states away and I can't even see them."

David is thrilled to see the facility up and running under Cenikor because he says it means more people will get a chance to change their lives.

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