COPY-Man accused of harassing dozens of women, more victims possible

Hammond Police say a man there has been using Facebook to befriend females, set up meetings with them and then harass and stalk them.

Adam Kolb, 26, is accused of extorting sex from some of those women.  Detectives say in some cases, the harassment has been going on for years.

Police tell 9 News their investigation started Friday when a woman came to them saying a man named Adam Kolb told her if she did not continue a sexual relationship with him, he would send racy photos of her to her friends and family.  Police say they found 26 other victims, who've allegedly been stalked and harassed by the same man.

"He's a predator is what it appears" said Lieutenant Vincent Giannobile, with the Hammond Police Department.  He says their phones have been ringing with alleged victims calling in and saying they too have had run-ins with Kolb.

"He would use whatever means possible to find out where I lived, where I worked, what my phone number was," said Laura Freeney, a victim who has been stalked by Kolb.  Freeney says she is speaking out to encourage others to do the same.  "Really for a long time I thought it was just me."

Freeney says she grew up with Kolb.  The two were friends in school, but as they got older, he started harassing her.  She says they had an argument one time and he sent her a seven page long text.  "He repeatedly sent it over and over and over again.  He was calling and leaving me extremely long voicemails, telling me what a terrible person I was.  Just completely degrading me," she said.  She says that night she turned her phone off and when she turned it on the next morning, there were 500 text messages from Kolb.

"He's been using harassment, harassing phone calls, cyber stalking victims," said Lt. Giannobile.

Police say they learned Kolb would meet his victims online.  He allegedly hacked one of his victims' Facebook accounts and used to it to prey on women.  That's how Freeney says he found her.

"He contacted me via Facebook as a girl saying my boyfriend had cheated on me, got her pregnant...that she wanted to meet and show me proof she had," said Freeney.

She says after a few more messages, she recognized the aggressive writing as Kolb and went to police.

The woman who allege they are victims of Kolb have set up a separate Facebook account, telling how they were harassed and trying to alert others to come forward.

Freeney says she's spoken with some of those women, who's stories are much worse then what she's experienced.

"He's harassed some for four and five years.  Driven by their homes when they're having birthday parties for their kids.  Threatened to kill their kids in front of them," said Freeney.  "It's scary. Nobody deserves to live that way."

Adam Kolb is currently booked at the city jail in Hammond, charged with extorting sex from women.

Detectives believe other victims are out there.  The number to get in touch with Hammond Police is (985) 277-5741.

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