September 21, 2011 - Jason and Heather Webb

Airman first class Jason Webb and his wife Staff Sgt. Heather Webb are enjoying some much needed time off here at home.  The busy couple is stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana and helps guard some of the nation's nuclear missiles.

"We're both active security forces," said Heather.  "He has a big job where he's a tactical response force leader.  I have my job where I work on base in charge of all the security forces sent out to guard the nukes."

"Any security situation happens with our nuclear missiles, we go out and recapture and recover our resource," said Jason. "Then anytime a crisis happens on base like an active shooter or terrorist, we will go out and take care of that."

As you can imagine, security on base is extremely tight because of the 150 nuclear missiles stored there.

"They're stored underground," said Heather.  "They've all about 100 feet down underground and they're stored in there or on base in a big Igloo.  There are about 150 out there."

And life can be quite a struggle balancing two military careers with their 3 year old daughter, Tatum.

"We try our hardest to leave work at work," said Jason. "What little time we have off together we try to enjoy it as a family and try to leave the stress of work on base."

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