Garden giving Potter's House hope

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Garden of Hope continues to bring the Lake Area together. Volunteers showed up early Saturday morning at Potter's House to prepare the soil for the winter garden. It's a project that got underway within the last year and is helping the women and children who stay at the shelter.

The vegetables and produce from the garden will then be sold to area restaurants and at the Farmer's Market with all of the proceeds going to Potter's House.

"The goal is for this to be self-sustainable. We want to grow stuff that will not just feed them but make them some money to help grow new stuff. It's a project that as more and more people come through they will learn a skill that they can take with them when they go," said Brian Pitre, master gardener.

"I'm so pleased at the turnout for a Saturday morning. Plus, we were blessed with great weather. With everyone putting forth their best effort we ended up getting a lot accomplished," said Joanna Ledet, with The People's Advocate.

"There's so much knowledge here for us. Because I have grown a garden all my life, but these kids know so much and are teaching me things I didn't know. And it's a wonderful thing that they are out here," said Beverly McDavid, Potter's House.

The big plant day for the winter garden is set for October 25th. They said they plan to plant herbs such as parsley and rosemary.

Volunteers at Saturday's work day were members of Alpha Phi Alpha, the Stables at Labocage, KD's Diner, Starbucks, Americorp, St. Louis High School students, McNeese Nursing students, Bons Chien, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Happy Donuts, Derek Mason, Potter's House and the People's Advocate.

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