Jason Morgan found guilty

UPDATE: Jason Morgan is found guilty of second degree murder for killing Roy Wyatt over a bicycle in June 7, 2010.

Prosecutor Rick Bryant told jurors the evidence is overwhelming that it was Jason Morgan who shot and killed Roy Wyatt June 7 2010. Bryant outlined for jurors how evidence including spent shell casings on the ground confirmed eyewitness testimony of Wyatt's son and stepdaughter who say they saw Morgan shoot their dad.

As well Bryant argued that Jason Morgan and his brother Darren conspired to manipulate the criminal justice system to make it look like Darren committed the murder when they knew that couldn't be proven.

However defense attorney Ted Hartman told the jury Jeremy Wyatt was not in a position to see his father get shot and challenges the testimony of the woman who says she's in love with Jason yet says he confessed to her.

Plus Hartman argues the call Darren Morgan made to 911 confessing is more credible. Hartman dramatically pointed to Darren sitting in the audience and said twice, "he's the guy who really shot Roy Wyatt!".  At that point Darren Morgan left the courtroom but returned later.

On rebuttal Bryant told jurors Darren should not be rewarded for concocting a plan to get his brother off.

Bryant urged the jury to convict Jason Morgan of second degree murder saying justice demands it.

Judge is now reading instructions to the jury.