Morgan decides not to take stand

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Morgan will likely find out his fate tomorrow as his second degree murder trial nears a conclusion. He had asked the judge for more time today to weigh the pros and cons of taking the stand in his own defense.

At 5:30 p.m. the defense came back into court and rested their case.

The state then put on rebuttal about that key witness yesterday who says she's in love with Jason Morgan-- but admits he told her he shot Roy Wyatt and wanted her to provide his alibi.

The defense suggested the woman gave testimony damaging to Morgan because the prosecutor had threatened her with losing her children and criminal charges.

But employees with the District Attorney's Office painted a much different picture testifying that the witness came to them because she had received a threatening letter from Jason Morgan while he was in jail.

Closing arguments get underway at nine tomorrow morning so the case will likely go to the jury by noon.

UPDATE just before 5 p.m. 

Jason Morgan requested and was allowed to speak to the judge in open court, but outside the presence of the jury.

Morgan, on trial for the murder of Roy Wyatt has indicated he may want to take the stand in his own defense.

Morgan says he needs more time to confer with his attorney to discuss the pros and cons of taking the stand. He also complained to the court that before the trial started he had not seen his attorney for like 3 months and has therefore been unable to assist his attorney as he would like.

Judge David Ritchie indicated that he may recess and let the defendant decide tomorrow morning whether he wants to take the stand.

Usually when defendants take the stand it's against the advice of their attorney because they are waiving their constitutional right against self incrimination.

The defense is putting on its case in the second degree murder trial of Jason Morgan.

The defense has put on several witnesses whose testimony is aimed at poking holes in the state's case by pointing out possible inconsistencies and such.

A defense investigator took pictures of the murder scene during the day in an apparent attempt to suggest that state eyewitnesses could not have seen the shooting, despite their testimony-- because they were either too far away or at the wrong angle.

Morgan is accused of murdering Roy Wyatt after an argument that started over a bicycle.

This morning:

Jurors heard from the father of Jason Morgan as his second degree murder trial continues on day two.

Darren Morgan Senior lives in Houston and was forced to come to LC to be a witness for the state during the trial.

He admitted he did not want to be here and appeared uncooperative as prosecutor Rick Bryant questioned him. He admits he was contacted by son Jason to come to Lake Charles to get Jason's little boy, his grandson.

However Darren Senior denied having discussed the shooting with his son. Morgan did admit going to Jason's apartment and loading up his clothing to bring it to Houston, along with Jason 's young son.

Jason Morgan is on trial for allegedly murdering Roy Wyatt on June 7, 2010 after a fight over a bicycle involving several people.

The state rested its case and the defense is expected to begin its case later in the day on Wednesday.

The prospect that Jason Morgan might take the stand in his own defense was resolved at 5:30 p.m. last night, after the man on trial for second degree murder had a thirty minute meeting with his attorney.