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Reporting business scams online

Watchdog websites where consumers can write reviews about their experiences with online scams are typically "use at your own risk."

A lot of them are full of people with axes to grind and agendas to promote.

Not is like a combination consumer review site and consumer reporting site. You can browse lists and reviews of both "good" websites and "fraudulent" sites as reviewed by not only's public members, but also its editorial staff.

There is also an updated and archived blog of online scam alerts, like the biggest Craigslist scams and Facebook scams. even posts a monthly "scam alert" that highlights what its editors and members declare the "online scam of the month." For example, May's online scam-of-the-month showcases five scam sites that target children.

You have to join if you want to review sites and post your own write-ups, but membership is free and secure, either through your e-mail address or through your Facebook account.

You may want to open an e-mail address separate from your main e-mail address and dedicate that one for sending and receiving material. That way, you can monitor reviews as well as replies to your reviews in a single account -- instead of stacking them in your main e-mail stream. 

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