Witness "in love" with murder suspect collapses in court

The trial of Jason Morgan recessed early and abruptly when the last witness of the day collapsed and appeared to have some type of seizure after stepping down off the witness stand.

The witness was a woman who tearfully told the jury that she is in love with Jason Morgan--the man on trial for second degree murder- but that he had admitted to the shooting and was expecting his brother to take the fall for him-- and expecting her to provide an alibi.

When the woman came off the witness stand she fell to the floor and seemed to become severely ill. An ambulance was on the way.

Earlier jurors heard from a number of state's witnesses. Jason Morgan is on trial for murdering Roy Edward Wyatt after a fight over a bicycle escalated into a killing. Witnesses say there was an argument among four men including Jason Morgan and Roy Wyatt-- when Morgan left in his car and then returned with a gun.

Roy Wyatt's son Jeremy and his step daughter testified they witnessed Jason Morgan come around the house firing a gun-- and that they heard five or six shots-- both gave emotional testimony saying they saw Roy fall after being hit with gunfire.

Neither expressed any doubt that it was Jason Morgan who killed Roy Wyatt and both identified him the courtroom.

Yet in opening statements, the defense attorney said it wasn't Jason but his brother Darren who shot Wyatt.

Defense attorney Ted Hartman told jurors Darren Morgan is a "crack head" who didn't have a car and went crazy over the bicycle he needed for transportation. Hartman says Jason Morgan had a family and several cars and would not have risked it all to defend his crack head brother over a bicycle.

Jurors also heard calls from Darren Morgan to 911 confessing to the shooting. It's unclear why Darren would have confessed if Jason committed the shooting.

The defense is expected to call Judge Wilford Carter as a witness in the case-- though it's not clear why except that the defense says Darren Morgan has ties to carter.

Darren Morgan also faces charges-- accessory after the fact and obstruction of justice.

His brother's trial resumes at 9 in the morning.

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