Changes to Welsh water meters

WELSH, LA (KPLC) - A previous water meter reading service provider in Welsh caused inaccuracies with the readings and more money spent by the citizens.

The town of Welsh has over 1,400 water meters being monitored under a new company based out of Indianapolis. The new system will save the town money by charging 49-cents per water meter compared to the $1.00 charge per meter the previous company charged.

The new system will also assure accuracies with meter readings.

Welsh Superintendent of Public Works Rick Matte said the previous provider would misread the water meters. One month the water bill would be low and the next month it would be three to four times higher, he said.

"The misreading of numerous meters happening for months at a time had an effect on virtually probably 75 to 80-percent of all our citizens and that's just huge," Matte said.

Matte said the new meter reading system will help do away with traditional manual meter readings to a newer technology that automatically reads the water meters.

"We want to be progressive. We're a town. We're a small town," Matte said. "But we care about our citizens and we'll try to give them every advantage that's out there possible."

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