Hummingbirds swarm Ragley porch

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - You'll find Ernie Blanco and Kathleen Gillespie spending most afternoons on their front porch bird watching - and they don't have to look far.

"They're here every day all day," said Gillespie.

A swarm of more than 100 hummingbirds make their way to the tiny porch in Ragley. The birds usually show up early in the morning.

"They show up around 6:30 a.m. and feed for a couple of hours. Then it kind of calms down in the middle of the day and in the evening it picks back up again," explained Blanco.

The couple said the little birds usually start showing up in early August.

"It started with two. We had two and then the next day we had three and it stayed that way for a while and all of a sudden they were just here," recalled Gillespie.

Coming back for seconds, thirds and then some the birds got a taste of something they like. Blanco's three feeders are working overtime. He has to fill them at least once if not more every day with his special blend of sugar and water.

"The sure do like it. I guess I just found the right mixture," said Blanco.

While they've always had a lot of different type of birds, the couple said the influx of hummingbirds started after Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. Each year the birds coming back with more friends.

"We try to count them, but there's just no way. There's just no way," said Gillespie.

While they are here rain or shine, Blanco admits he was a little nervous they wouldn't show up. 
"I just kind of thought they might have been camera shy. I don't know... I just had a little worry in my mind that you would show up and they wouldn't," said Blanco.

"And I told him they would be here just like they are every day," said Gillespie.

Showing up in full force, the couple watches as they birds eat. Taking it all in - the tiny birds with the super quick wings will soon fly away.

"I'm going to be terribly sad when they leave," said Gillespie.

But there are no worries, because they know the birds eventually always come back.

The birds are actually migrating to South America for the fall. During the period before they take off south hummingbirds can gain 25 to 40 percent of their body weight.

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