West Nile case likely not from recent mosquito outbreak

Due to a recent case of West Nile being confirmed, the Director of Calcasieu Parish Mosquito Control,
Scott Willis, explained that it is not likely to be the recent mosquito outbreak causing it.

Mr. Willis explained that a mosquito has to pick up the virus from a bird, and when they pick up the virus it takes about 10 to 12 days for it to even become infected.

Once an infected mosquito bites a person it takes a week or more before they begin to show symptoms. The older mosquito populations are the ones that tend to carry the virus.

The Mosquito Control runs a weekly surveillance starting in March and runs through until the fall.  They have picked up very few positives this year compared to other years at this time.

If Mosquito Control does pick up a positive they will spray the area to keep the population down.

"It is still important for people to be wearing proper clothing and repellant this time of year," said Mr. Willis.

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