Cameron Sheriff candidates face off

They are off and running in Cameron parish where there's an opening for the top spot in law enforcement.  Longtime Sheriff Theos Duhon isn't running so the seat is up for grabs.

Seven men, most of whom are friends, have lined up to try to win the position. At the forum, organized by concerned citizens, they drew names to determine the order they'd sit at the forum table. Each talked about why they are the best man for the job.

Says candidate Danny Lavergne, " think I should be hired because I think I'm qualified for the job, have the experience. It's been a career of mine for the last 26 years. And I'd like to take it to the next level."

Charles Precht says, "I will spend your tax dollars directly into serving you, each and every one of you. And I promise you I won't spend more than we make."

Wendell Wilkerson told the crowd, "The sheriff of Cameron Parish does a number of things. He actually enforces the laws but he also has to be a friend of the parish and understand the parish from one end to the other and actually be able to deal with the people."

Milton Collins says, "I think that educational background gives me a very good qualification for running this parish and running the sheriff's department. We are going to have some challenges in the next four years."

Jerry Nunez says, "If we go out there and we fight the crime at 100 per cent we stop the drug problems and stop playing these games where we tap people on the hand--let 'em go, let 'em go, let 'em go. As Sheriff I will not let 'em go."

Said Ron Johnson, "I think I have all of the qualifications to offer you-- the training, the certifications, not only in crime but in structure, organization and getting people motivated."

And Pete Picou told them, "I know what it takes to take care of the people of Cameron Parish. I'm the only candidate that served the entire parish. I did it as civil defense director for 28 years. I secured the parish in the times of emergency."

Since there are so many candidates the October 22nd election is likely to determine which two will head to a runoff in November. We'll have more on last night's forum on seven news at six.

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