Two jailed after robbing duct taped victim

Christopher Ellender
Christopher Ellender
Hannah Truett
Hannah Truett

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - A man and a woman, each in their twenties, are in jail after allegedly robbing people at homes in two different neighborhoods.

In one case, the two, allegedly armed with a knife, duct taped a man to a toilet.

The sheriff says 28-year-old Christopher Ellender and 25-year-old Hannah Truett, both of Sulphur, went to two homes of people they were acquainted with and robbed them.

It all started around nine last night when a man who lived on Edson Street gave the two a ride and brought them inside his home.

"Once there they forced him into a bathroom, duct taped him to a toilet, stole medication and other items from his house and fled in his vehicle.  So, he stole his vehicle," Sheriff Tony Mancuso said.

Soon after, deputies got a call about a second robbery at a home on Perry in Moss Bluff.

Mancuso says Truett had contacted the elderly victim saying she needed somewhere to stay and that after the victim went to bed Truett let Ellender inside.

"Then Mr. Ellender comes in, after they're supposedly going to bed, comes in the house, does a similar thing to him-- ties him up, duct tapes his mouth and from there they steal money and a couple guns," Mancuso stated.

Mancuso says the elderly victim was roughed up but is not hospitalized.

Deputies later spotted the stolen truck and pursued it eventually shutting down the pair.

Elleder and Truett were arrested and face a long list of charges including armed robbery, vehicle theft, false imprisonment and more. Deputies recovered stolen rifles and medication from the stolen truck.

Officials say Ellender, who is a convicted felon, is also charged with aggravated flight from an officer.

They say Truett, who is on probation for drug possession, is also charged with simple battery.

Judge David Ritchie set Truett's bond at nearly $1.5 million dollars and Ellenders at more than $2 million.

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