Swamp star gets new smile

The hit reality TV show Swamp People has turned a group of Louisiana alligator hunters into stars. One of the cast-members recently got a smile makeover from an area dentist. Willie Edwards, who was once known for his gap-toothed smile, said he broke one of his front teeth while, "playing blindfold in the house and ran into the ice box and broke the back off of it."

"Will hadn't been to the dentist in a while. He broke his front tooth off whenever he was a kid," explained Dr. Daniel Domingue, dentist at Robinson Dental Group.

"You get that front tooth when you're 7 years old, so he didn't have it that long before he broke it off," continued Dr. Domingue.

Karen Tomplait, office assistant at Robinson Dental Group, saw Edwards' smile on television and wanted to help.

She said she tracked down several leads to get in touch with Edwards, but with no luck headed to a scheduled appearance by cast-members in the area. Tomplait then slipped the crew helping with the appearance a note for Edwards offering free dental treatment.

She said it was a long shot, but she had to try. The effort paid off when Edwards' wife called the dentist office. Dr. Domingue did a full work up for Edwards and decided to implant a new titanium root into his mouth.

"He was kind of nervous. I mean even Willie...he's a tough guy," described Dr. Domingue.

"Yeah a few things scare me from time to time...Spiders that's the only thing I don't fool with," explained Edwards.

Dr. Domingue sedated Edwards to calm his nerves and then went to work installing the new root. He then implanted a temporary tooth to fill the gap.

"Man Willie looks good and he was real excited too," said a cheerful Dr. Tim Robinson, another dentist at the Robinson Dental Group.

Edwards gave swamp teeth a whole new look.

He plans to return to the lake area for a more permanent implant later this year after he finished shooting the next season of Swamp People.

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