Poverty on the rise as more jobs are created

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Now that Louisiana has been ranked in the Top 10 for economic performance, Louisiana Economic Development is in the process of creating thousands of more jobs for the state.

According to LED Secretary Stephen Moret, more jobs will be created for higher-end professional jobs as well as for blue-collar and technical jobs.

"We're obviously making the best of a very difficult national environment by putting Louisiana in the most competitive possible position to both help our existing companies grow, both small companies and larger companies, as well as to attract new investment to our state," Moret said.

Moret said it has been a national challenge to keep manufacturing jobs in competition with other jobs. Especially since manufacturing has been on a 30 to 40 decline in the United States, Moret said.

With more jobs being added to the mix, many residents in La. and across the country are finding it hard to get by financially.

"We're not immune from the national recession, so we've been impacted by the national recession, but we've been impacted far less than other states," he said.

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