COPY-Elderly couple becomes unintentional web sensation

PORTLAND, OR (KATU/CNN) - A couple in northeastern Oregon made the leap into internet stardom just for being themselves while having absolutely no idea how to use a webcam.

There's no question in their community that Esther and Bruce Huffman know how to have a good time.

"We've been married seven and a half years, and we celebrate every month," Esther said.

Three weeks ago they decided to upgrade to a laptop and decided to try out the camera, something their granddaughter tried to teach them.

"I had no idea how to do it; I didn't remember what she said, so the whole time I was irritated, chewing gum so hard, and I looked like, I don't know what, Wicked Witch of the West," Esther said.

For almost three minutes, the candid couple was actually capturing themselves making monkey faces, singing, burping and patiently waited for something to "actually" record.

"I'm bored, I don't know how to work the computer - she's the computer person," Bruce said.

Their granddaughter found the video and called the YouTube video "Webcam 101 for Seniors."

"She tries to teach me, you know, what a tube is, but how does the 'you' get in there? Like 'you all,' 'you all tube,' I don't know," Bruce said.

They never would have thought they'd become viral video stars.

"When I was 8 years old my uncle paid me 5 cents if I'd make a monkey face, and I've been working on it all these years. I never knew it'd make me famous.  He's up in heaven, he'd be amazed at what's going on right here right now," Bruce said.

While some might say it seems staged, the couple said it wouldn't have turned out the way it did if it was.

"If we'd have staged it, I would have been all ... but since we knew nothing was happening we were just being ourselves, just having fun laughs," they said. "You're like me, you do more things by accident than most people do by purpose."

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