Lake Charles 9/11 Tribute

The "Tenth Anniversary Commemoration of September 11, 2001" at the 9/11 Memorial located on Bor Du Lac Drive in Lake Charles (near the Civic Center).

Many came out to honor those who died.

Two families expressed how they felt when they heard their loved ones were among the dead.  Ed Nelson is the uncle of Russ Keene. Russ died trying to leave a World Trade Center tower. The 33 year old had been working there.  Ed Nelson says "I remember we didn't know where Russ was, we knew he had been on an elevator, that he and his group of coworkers had gotten down to the bottom of the World Trade Center. And that the second plane had hit.  The building crashed right after that".

Beulah Yokum and Allan Yokum are parents of Petty Officer 2nd Class Kevin Wayne Yokum. Kevin died while working in MIT Communications at the Pentagon. Kevin's mom remembering September 11, 2001, "Someone called and said about New York so that's when I turned the TV on to hear about it. I didn't know about the Pentagon at that second. Then my husband called..." Kevin Wayne Yokum was 27 years old.

It is amazing to think that New York City is nearly 1500 miles away and Lake Charles still made sure to have its own connection to the 911 victims. There are two steel beams from the World Trade Center standing inside a reflecting pool at the waterfront. And "The Ribbon of Souls" is seen as a mosaic of shards of glass. These pieces of glass represent each life lost during the 911 terrorist attacks.

Mayors from Lake Charles, Sulphur and Iowa were on hand. As were some politicians running for election.

Ms. Yokum received a standing ovation after she spoke from the heart. She left memorial goers with a thought, "We must always remember as Americans we should always stick together".