Billboard marriage proposal

On a busy stretch of road, where anyone can see, a personal message splayed across a billboard for a certain someone.

"What a way to propose to someone!" said Cara Mahaffey, teacher at Lacassine High School.

Word spread quickly among Lacassine High employees, who wanted to know: who is Erin and did she say yes?

"Whoever is making the proposal looks like he'll be a lucky guy," said Lacassine High School Principal David Troutman.

"I think she should say yes," gushed Mahaffey.

"It's wonderful and it's unique. I think the lady should say yes. If anybody could take the time to do that he should be a great guy. She needs to say yes!" said an excited Monica Ardoin, office personnel at Lacassine High School.

Some speculated the mystery girl was a Saintsation, the Saints football team's cheerleaders.

"She had a football and was wearing a saints jersey so.." guessed Troutman.

After a little digging, we discovered Allen Says was the lucky man and he confirmed Erin did say yes. A quick call to KEM Outdoor, the company that owns the billboard said the ad cost a whopping $2500.

"Just think what the ring is going to look like," laughed Troutman.

A pretty penny for the girl he loves.

7 News did contact Allen Says of Starks and his new fiance Erin Bertrand of Dequincy, but have so far not received a reply for an interview.