Murder victim battered years before she was killed

Calcasieu District Attorney John DeRosier expects the suspect in Sunday's double murder to eventually face charges for First Degree Murder.

And it's not the first time Mauricio Cumbrera has been arrested for domestic violence. Four years ago Cumbrera faced prosecution for violence against his wife and one of her daughters. But DeRosier says when the women insisted they did not want to go forward with charges the case was dismissed.  Anna Marie Trahan and her daughter Julia Ann Landry were allegedly gunned down Sunday by Anna's husband, Mauricio Cumbrera.

DeRosier says in 2007 Anna and one of her daughters, Jessica, were the victim of violence at the hands of her Cumbrera but that the two filed affidavits saying they did not wish for the case to go forward. "That case somehow got resolved in a way that once they signed the waivers it was rejected by the division in which it was being prosecuted."

DeRosier says around that time his office adopted a policy to prosecute such cases even if victims do not wish to go forward,  unless the alleged assailant successfully completes a six month pre-trial program. "In theory we have a victim who is saying don't prosecute this person and we're saying yes we will unless this person completes a domestic violence, anger management program and shows us that there will not be another case of significant domestic violence."

He says sticking to that policy may save lives in similar situations in the future. DeRosier says such violence against women and children must stop.  His advice to those in a relationship with a violent person:  "Anytime you have become a victim of significant domestic violence, get out of that relationship or get help either for yourself or for the person who is the batterer or both."

Though DeRosier expects Cumbrera to eventually be prosecuted for first degree murder, he says it's premature to say whether they will pursue a death sentence for him. Cumbrera is in jail with bond set at $300,000.

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