Could wildfires happen SWLA?

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The burn ban in Lake Charles is still up due to the recent drought.

With wildfires raging in Texas, how does that affect Louisiana and specifically Southwest Louisiana? Lake Charles Fire Chief Keith Murray said the area is still lacking in average amount of rainfall that's normal for this time of year.

"Right now a lot of that material that is dried out is still laying out there dried out," Murray said. He said as soon as the moisture is taken out, the debris will be ready to burn.

Murray said a lot of why SWLA isn't seeing the extreme wildfires like Texas, is because the topography is different. Texas has a hilly country and more brush. But, Murray said the extent of fires SWLA does see are marsh fires and field-type fires.

"The fire departments to the northwest of us, like DeQuincy in Ward 6 area, they have a lot of wooded areas which have had a couple really good fires," Murray said.

This is where most of the bigger fires in SWLA occur—in heavily wooded areas and areas with a lot of brush.

Murray said the most important thing for residents in these areas, and in the Lake area, is to stay alert and if a fire is spotted, call in to the fire department.

"Get someone to the scene quickly. That's the best chance we have at knocking it out," he said.

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